Fairer Tales
Early financial lessons to help your children unlock their dream

Nothing fills a parent’s heart with more joy than seeing their children’s dreams come true. With HSBC Premier, you can financially secure your children’s futures by equipping them with essential knowledge and skills at an early age. We’ve partnered with the award-winning children's author Emma Dodd for the retelling of several traditional fairy tales in Fairer Tales, featuring determined modern princesses working to achieve their financial goals themselves, proving that with a little planning, anything is possible.
In these adapted fairy tales, three modern princesses are determined to live happily ever after on their own terms by learning the value of careful financial planning.
Cinderella's dream of designing beautiful sports shoes becomes a reality when the Fairy Godmother gives her a sewing machine. With her creativity and business brilliance, Cinderella opens her own shoe company "Glass Slipper Sports".
Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty doesn’t need to wait for Prince Charming's kiss to live happily ever after. Instead, she deposits her pocket money into a bank and waits for her savings to grow, so she can do whatever she wants.
After escaping from the tower on her own, and using the money she borrows from the bank, Rapunzel converts the dark, uncomfortable tower into a beautiful homestay, kick-starting her new rental business!
Once they all make their dreams come true, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel decide to start a special club called The Fairy Godmothers to help other clever young people with brilliant ideas realise their dreams.
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