Instalment with preferential conversion fee
Spend freely with your HSBC Credit Card without worrying about the costs
Do you dream of travelling around the world or owning the latest hot product? Don't leave it on your wish list any longer! Our Flexible Instalment Plan with the low conversion fee only from 1.99% will make those dreams come true.
Transaction value must be at least VND 2 million.
Make your purchases using HSBC Credit Card  convert them to 3 month to 36 month instalment plan with conversion fee option including:

Instalment Plan at merchants of your own choice Programme
(Applies to merchants not participating in 0% Interest Instalment Plan Programme)
Tenor Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
Conversion fee (*)Monthly interest rate (**)Conversion fee (*)Monthly interest rate (**)Conversion fee (*)Monthly interest rate (**)
- TravelOne Card
- Visa Platinum Card
- Visa Cash Back Card
- Premier Mastercard® Credit Card
3 months2.49%0%2.99%0%3.49%0%
6 months4.49%0%5.49%0%5.99%0%
9 months5.49%0%6.49%0%6.99%0%
12 months6.49%0%7.49%0%7.99%0%
24 months6.49%0.75%6.99%0.75%7.99%0.75%
36 months6.49%0.75%6.99%0.75%7.99%0.75%
- Visa Classic LiveFree Card3 months1.99%0%1.99%0%2.99%0%
6 months4.49%0%4.49%0%5.49%0%
9 months5.49%0%5.49%0%6.49%0%
12 months6.49%0%6.49%0%7.49%0%
24 months6.49%0.5%6.49%0.5%7.49%0.5%
36 months6.49%0.5%6.49%0.5%7.49%0.5%


(*) The conversion fee is applied on the total converted amount & charge one-of in the first month and applicable for each customer group as defined below:

- Group 1: Customers who have their credit cards opened more than 3 months, register for an installment plan via HSBC Vietnam Mobile App and have settled full monthly payment in the last 6 months.

- Group 2: Other customers who register for an installment plan via HSBC Vietnam Mobile App that not classified in Group 1.

- Group 3: Customers who register for an installment plan that not via HSBC Vietnam Mobile App.

(**) Monthly interest rate is calculated monthly as a percentage on the original installment amount until the instalment period ends.

Terms and Conditions apply

How to apply through the HSBC Mobile App:

It is now easy to break up your purchases into affordable payments using simple steps, on the HSBC Vietnam Mobile App:
  • Log on to your HSBC Vietnam Mobile app and select your Credit Card account
  • Tap "Spend Instalment"
  • Select which transactions you want to convert and your repayment plan
  • Review and submit the application
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How to join by SMS or Form

  • 1
    After completing purchase, the Primary Credit Cardholder can register with one of the following methods:
    1. Text SMS with syntax: HSBC TG [ID Number / Passport number] send to 6089
    2. Fulfill your information here

    Eg: Text HSBC TG 123456789 to 6089. Please note the cost of each text message is VND 1,000.
  • 2
    HSBC staff will contact the Primary Cardholder within 2 working days to assist with the request